Distinguishing turmeric powder, handmade turmeric starch and turmeric starch KC-05

Currently on the market there are many types of products with the names  turmeric powder, turmeric starch, etc. In order for users to better understand the properties and  uses of each product, we will Let’s learn about the production process and features of each product in this article.
Turmeric powder
Method: Fresh turmeric peeled, washed, sliced, dried, finely ground into finished products.
Finished products: Turmeric powder has a dark yellow color, a characteristic spicy, pungent smell of turmeric.
Features: This type of turmeric powder has not been plasticized, separated from essential oils – the heating components of turmeric. In addition, the drying process of turmeric will cause the amount of Curcumin in turmeric to gradually lose because Curcumin is decomposed when exposed to direct sunlight.
Uses: often used to color dishes, low curcumin content, used a lot can cause heat, constipation.
Turmeric powder
Handmade turmeric starch
How to do: Fresh turmeric is shaved off the shell, pureed, mixed with water, filtered a few times to remove residue, collected the part of turmeric that has settled in the filtered water, continued the process of filtering and settling about 2-3 times. The last layer of powder is deposited, dried and finely ground.
Finished product: light yellow or almost white fine powder.
Features: This crafting method is similar to filtering tapioca flour. However, Turmeric and Cassava are completely different!!
This manual method accidentally washes out some of the Curcumin essence into the water during the filtration process. Curcumin content of handmade turmeric starch is less than 3%.
This method can remove part of turmeric essential oil because during the filtration process, the essential oil floats on the water and can be removed. However, it is not possible to completely remove turmeric essential oil as advertised and in turmeric there are also healthy essential oils that should not be removed. Due to the lack of quality control, it is not possible to verify the quality of the product. In addition, turmeric resin has not yet been removed.
Uses: can be used to drink or mask, but as mentioned, due to low curcumin content, the effect is also limited.
On social networking sites and media, many opinions say that the lighter turmeric starch is, the purer, the better. Please confirm, the lighter the color of turmeric starch, the product obtained is just the powder of turmeric, the content of curcumin is very low.
Handmade turmeric starch
Turmeric starch KC-05
How to make: Fresh turmeric, after being treated to completely remove pesticides, washed, peeled, disinfected, removed plastic and harmful impurities by steam, will be sliced, dried by an energy system. Under the sun, the system automatically adjusts the temperature during the drying process, which does not cause Curcumin to degrade or is understood that there is no photochemical transformation of Curcumin.
After being dried, turmeric pieces will be coarsely ground, then put into the treatment of essential oil extraction, retaining the useful components in the essential oil, helping to absorb the main substances of turmeric most effectively.
After the essential oil separation process is a low-temperature drying process, which does not affect the product quality but still reaches 6-7% moisture, helping the product to be preserved for a long time.
The product is finished by fine grinding line, super fine vibrating screen, additional grinding to achieve fineness and uniform quality.
The product quality inspection process is always monitored and ensured that the product meets the standards.
Finished products: The final product is a dry, loose, smooth powder with a dark yellow color and a characteristic aroma of Turmeric, less spicy and black.
Characteristics: High Curcumin content, about 5 to 10%. In particular, because it has been separated from resin and essential oils, KC-05 ​​Turmeric Starch does not cause liver heat, liver damage.
Uses: can be drunk, masked, used in food processing to prevent and support health protection, skin beauty and especially good for postpartum women.
Turmeric starch KC-05
The process and production plant meet ISO 9001-2008, HACCP standards, and food safety standards.
Products are provided with barcodes and anti-counterfeiting stamps.
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